Do I Need Therapy?

Do I Need Therapy?

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I am concerned about a behavior, feeling, or certain thoughts
that have been a problem to me.

I am unhappy and dissatisfied about some or whole aspects of
myself and/or my life.

I spend increasing amount of time every week thinking about
the problem and/or trying to find some solution to it.

I have been trying to solve this problem by myself or with help
of family and friends but haven’t got any success.

I have read books and looked up the internet to understand
things better.

Over the past 2 weeks, this problem has reduced my quality of

The problem has affected my lifestyle (eating, sleeping,
working, pleasurable activities).

I have tried to avoid this problem because it’s very
uncomfortable to deal with it or I am ashamed of it.

I have tried to deal with it by relying on one or more of alcohol,
drugs, shopping, internet and technology.

I am preoccupied with this problem/over thinking about it much
of the time.

I have difficulties concentrating and efficiently performing the
tasks at hand.

This problem has affected me emotionally. (I feel strong
emotions as depression, anxiety, shame and anger about it).

This problem has affected/will affect my relationships and
social interaction.

I am experiencing physical problems as headaches, pains,
tiredness etc along with this problem.

My family and friends have notices that I am stressed or
worried about something.

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